Solutions for your independent pharmacy

Improving reimbursements

Cardinal Health helps independent pharmacies improve reimbursements by taking the guesswork out of dealing with PBMs, helping secure accurate third-party reimbursements, protecting margins and providing reassurances that each claim is submitted and collected properly. Learn more
Increasing market share

Increasing market share

Cardinal Health helps retail independents increase market share and establish strong brand recognition by optimizing marketing and advertising strategies, building a strong identity and solidifying your position in the community. Learn more
Creating alternate revenue

Diversifying Revenue Streams

Most pharmacies cannot solely rely on prescription fulfillment as an effective long-term business model. Pharmacies need to expand their scope to other high-margin and growth opportunities, which include the front-end, niche product offerings and differentiated services. Learn more

Managing Business Operations

Cardinal Health helps retail independents streamline operations through proactive inventory management and addressing workflow issues related to staffing shortages, high labor costs, increasing prescriptions, decreasing margins and patient safety requirements. Learn more
Leveraging Scale

Leveraging Scale

Pharmacies need to remain independent in order to serve their patients and communities in the best possible way, however, they also need to take advantage of opportunities only available within a network. Learn more

Pharmacy Health Connect™ Smartphone App

An easy and convenient way for patients to interact with your pharmacy Learn more

Local Store Marketing

la carte menu of marketing services for the pharmacy Learn more