Diversifying Revenue Streams

Most pharmacies cannot solely rely on prescription fulfillment as an effective long-term business model. Pharmacies need to expand their scope to other high-margin and growth opportunities, which include the front-end, niche product offerings and differentiated services.


Specialized Care Center


Front-end Product Management

The Front-End Product Management program makes it easier than ever for you to manage your front-end and makes this important part of your pharmacy more effective. The program components can streamline a pharmacy’s front-end management by giving you the guidance and resources you need to make your store more enticing.

The program provides an easy-to-use monthly packet that streamlines front-end management with:

  • Planograms for core categories and quarterly end cap promotions
  • Regular summaries of retail price changes
  • New items review, signs and shelf labels
  • Compare and Save signs
  • Never Out® list of key items that produce up to 50 percent of the sales for a category
  • Shelf labels for store-specific planograms