How Endura™ stacks up

Endura™ Performance Apparel is made from the lightest-weight material on the market. But don’t let that fool you – Endura™ still comes out on top when compared to the top-selling traditional scrubs.


Loses Less Lint


Endura™ scrubs lose only 1.4%, making them the lowest linting scrub on the market. The top-selling traditional scrubs lose 15% lint when abraded.


Stronger and Longer-Lasting


The strongest material on the market, our advanced, synthetic material is abrasion- and tear-resistant and has the most uniform strength in both directions.


Withstands More Wear and Washes


Designed to stand up to your most rigorous activities, our advanced, synthetic material resists wear and tear unlike any other traditional scrub on the market.

Even after 90 washes, Endura™ scrubs are still going strong. Stronger than a brand-new pair of the top-selling traditional scrubs, in fact. You’ll also notice minimal color loss and lasting moisture-wicking abilities. The competitor’s scrubs, on the other hand, typically only last 50 washes.

All claims based on third-party testing conducted by Bureau Veritas. For complete comparison information, please email