Cardinal Health offers various repackaging options.

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Auto Case Rounding - round up order amounts that are close case quantities

  • Receive one large case instead of numerous bottles
  • Reduce receiving and put-away time
  • Allows handling of fewer individual products
  • Improves dating
  • Leads to significant labor savings

Bulk-Up - custom pill count bulk bottling solution

  • Improve the efficiency of your automation equipment replenishment by providing in larger bottle sizes
  • Results in significant labor savings
  • Reduces ?detrashing?
  • Allows significantly fewer bottles to be handled
  • Results in fewer repetitive motion injuries

Unit-of-Use - receive product in unit-of-use bottles so all that?s left to do is label for the patient

  • Creates dispensing capacity without buying more equipment
  • Improves patient safety
  • Results in fewer repetitive motion injuries
  • Adds potential for further savings with our purchasing strategy