Is Wound Closure Management Services right for you?

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Wound Closure Mgmt. Quiz


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Does your supply spend include a significant amount of suture and endomechanical products?
Would it be important to you to reduce your supply spend?
Would improved inventory turns impact your supply budget?
Does clinician involvement in supply chain functions affect your focus on patient care?


Do you often experience stockouts with your suture and endomechanical products?
Does product availability impact the way you deliver patient care?

Operational Efficiency

Do you have multiple storage locations for your suture and endomechanical products?
Do you have the right suture and endomechanical products in the right places?
Are you currently receiving suture and endomechanical products from multiple suppliers?
Do you have a dedicated materials management employee assigned to manage suture and endomechanical materials?
Do you spend a significant amount of time managing these high clinical preference products?