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Online ordering

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Your lab. Your life. Your science. Your time is coming.


Soon it will become even easier to access and order the life science products you need every day.

On Nov. 17, it will be time to usher in a new era of online ordering for industrial, production and research laboratory customers.

When you order from the Cardinal Health Life Science portfolio, you expect high-quality products delivered in a timely manner. Now it will be even easier to find the items you need, with an intuitive, user-friendly online experience that puts your needs first.

It's your time to COMPARE

  • View side by side product comparisons before you buy
  • Guided category searches provide improved search results

It's your time for CONTROL

  • Confirm real-time stock availability for inventory control
  • Order approval workflow gives an administrator the ability to designate order approvers to control spending

It's your time for CONVENIENCE

  • Credit card payment options allow customers to order products quickly
  • More images provide detailed product attributes and enhance the ordering experience

It's your time to CUSTOMIZE

  • Custom catalog capabilities with three setting options allow optimum control over what buyers can view and/or purchase
  • Custom shopping lists save time and improve ordering accuracy


Your lab. Your life. Your science. Your time is now.