General use

Hot and Cold Packs and Gel Packs

For general use, our hot and cold packs and gel packs family of products includes hot and cold packs and reusable gel packs to reduce pain and swelling and promote healing following a trauma. Most patients can apply the packs themselves for convenient therapy where they need it, when they need it.

  • Instant hot and cold packs
    For quick, localized thermal therapy, patients prefer our instant hot and cold packs. These packs are constructed of a nonwoven material to prevent condensation and provide consistent, controlled temperature therapy. Activate with a squeeze and a shake for quick, effective treatment.
    - Kwik-Heat instant hot packs
    - Kwik-Kold instant cold packs
    - Jack Frost™ instant cold packs
  • Reusable hot/cold gel packs
    Reusable hot/cold gel packs can be heated in a microwave for warm therapy or placed in a freezer for cold therapy. Soft-freeze packs stay flexible when frozen to mold to the injured area. Contents are nontoxic and nonirritating.
  • Transport packs
    - Transport gel packs freeze hard to transport temperature-sensitive products.
    - T-Pak Porta-Sample instant ice transporter keeps a blood sample at a constant temperature for up to 30 minutes, helping ensure a quality sample.


Ice Bags

For superior and economical cold therapy, choose ice bags from Cardinal Health. Our ice bags are designed with convenience and patient comfort in mind. The ice bags are easy to fill, with a mouth 30% to 40% wider than most traditional ice bags. The special three-layer construction is soft, yet leak-resistant to keep the patient dry and comfortable. Our ice bags are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate even hard-to-cover areas. Available with elastic straps with hook pad attachments, ties or without attachments.

For more than 25 years, we have been manufacturing and distributing the quality hot and cold packs we invented. All of our products incorporate the latest technology and meet industry standards for performance and quality. Our manufacturing facility in Moberly, MO, is ISO 9001 certified and is consistently recognized as an industry quality-systems leader.