Information solutions

Today, more than 80 percent of the hospital orders the company processes are electronic. The company also conducts more than 90 percent of its transactions with suppliers electronically. Take a few moments to review some of the ways we have streamlined workflow for customers and the entire supply chain through automated systems:

  • Our members-only Web site gives customers access to product availability and order status, order tracking, proof of delivery, cost-savings data and, through our preferred-partner relationships, access to non-medical items such as office supplies. Experience the convenience of online availability confirmation, order placement and tracking, and other benefits by registering as a member today.
  • Subscribe to entelligence reports for specific cost and supply information that can enhance your purchasing and cost-management decisions. With entelligence, customers can review purchase history and service-level data at a glance, and access other information to analyze supply costs by product line, department or manufacturer.

Cardinal Health offers the latest technology, the security that comes from being the leader in health care automation, and leading-edge clinical decision support tools.