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We understand practices often struggle to balance the rising costs to run their business with the demands of maintaining a high standard of patient care.

Thankfully, a clear solution for these challenges has emerged: In-office lab testing.

In-office lab testing not only allows you to provide a fast, accurate diagnosis while a patient is in your office, it also helps generate new avenues of revenue and eliminates the time and effort required to contact patients by phone.

Patients will appreciate the comfort of a swift diagnosis and honest, face-to-face communication about the state of their health. Let us uncover opportunity in your practice.

Cardinal Health works with customers to identify opportunities and design customized solutions tailored specifically for your practice. Our no charge/no obligation analysis of your business helps identify the appropriate lab opportunities that will positively impact your practice.

Discover how a simple one-hour assessment can lead to:
  • Increased patient satisfaction and retention
  • Immediate results that reduce patient anxiety
  • Faster diagnosis and treatment
  • More accurate test results
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Enhanced revenue/reimbursement opportunities

Did you know?

On average, lab reimbursements through Medicare increased 4.5 percent for 2009.